Saturday, July 11, 2015

Watch Templeton Fly!! SoSS Challenge # 38 ~ R is for Rude

Hello All!
It's a new challenge for us, over at the Sisterhood of Snarky Stampers ~ Challenge #38: R is for Rude or AKA, The New Profanity Challenge.  

Check out Edna...her mouth is closed, but look what she's thinking!  If you don't use profanity, here's your chance to share some of the thoughts you'd might like to scream at times.  Your creation can be just rude to allover choose!  

I had a little trouble with this challenge...there was this perfect stamp I had and I just couldn't find it!  #$$@@##$%%@$%&$#&@#$#$!!!!   

While digging through my bazillion stamps I came upon this one, by Gary Patterson, from a long, long, time ago.   I feel it works when I add a little narration.  The free font I used is Junior and Stinky.

Watch Templeton Fly 
Poor old Templeton, all he can say is WTF!!!!

Challenge #38 ends on Friday, July 24th, at 11:55 pm EDT 
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  1. This is awesome Karen!! Now you have a reason to make another rude card when you find the other stamp! He he he I do love our rude / profanity challenges!!

  2. Love it! And love that you matched the sentiment to Templeton's profanity. ;)

  3. This is all kinds of awesome! Love Templeton and the WTF! goes perfectly with him!

  4. Well, I think Templeton is purrfect for this challenge. Made me laugh out loud (and I'm a cat BAD!). Looking forward to your finding the elusive perfect f'ing stamp, too. I love this challenge. xxD

  5. I wanna know what stamp you were looking for! lol! This is too funny, pretty much exactly what I see my cats thinking when they roll off the couch ;)