Monday, August 20, 2018

Just Because I Want to Give You a Chocolate Gift Box

Just Because I Want to Give You a Chocolate Gift Box

I wanted to give a friend, who loves chocolates, a little gift for listening to me one day when I needed to vent.  I could have just handed her the bag of yummy chocolates and she would of been thrilled, but that wouldn’t do.  I knew one of our Snack Boxes would be perfect.  Can you believe it…you get 25 of them for only $8.95!

I stamped the larger flower on the Whip Cream cardstock in Watermelon Fusion ink and also on a sticky note making sure it covered most of the sticky part.  I then fussy cut it slightly inside the edge.  For this masking technique, die-cutting would not work.  I covered the large flower with the sticky note and then stamped the smaller flowers in Huckleberry Fusion and the greenery in Kiwi Slice.  I made sure to press quite firmly when stamping so there was as little as possible of the white showing through.
Adding Bubble Gum and Beach Ball silk along with pink sequins made a pretty box, even more special.

I made a triple bow using Sweet Berry Crimp ribbon and attached it to the box with a Black Twine bow.  Check out the FSJ YouTube video on How to Tie a Double Bow

Everything I used is from Fun Stampers Journey and can be purchased on my website:

BD-0343 ~ Spring Botanicals Bundle
BD-0334 ~ Everyday Script Bundle
ST-0003 ~ Snack Box
IP-0027 ~ Watermelon Fusion Ink
IP-0035 ~ Huckleberry Fusion Ink
IP-0024 ~ Kiwi Slice Ink
IP-0041 ~ Black Licorice Ink
CS 0003 ~ Black Licorice Cardstock
CS -0040 ~ Whip Cream Cardstock
AC-0112 ~ Pink World Sequins
IP- 0092 ~ Bubble Gum Silk
IP-0145 ~ Beach Ball Silk
AC-0188 ~ Sweet Berry Crimp Ribbon
AC-0004 ~ Black Twine

Take care and have a great day,


Karen Schroeder
Fun Stampers Journey Founding Coach #31

Friday, August 10, 2018

FSJ Mixed Media ~ In The Tropics Notebook Easel

Hi All!

I'm Prepped to Play and so is Fun Stampers Journey!  Creating with Mixed Media is a blast!
The FSJ Notebook Easel is calling you to come up with all kinds of creative Mixed Media ideas!  It's a blank canvas just waiting for your creations.  It's normally a bargain with 65 pages at only $5.95, but it's also one of the Prepped to Play items, so it's 20% off this month!  

I've fallen in love with the Tropics, actually the In The Tropics stamps and dies.  Most of you know that hot, humid weather is not my cup of tea, but guess what... iced hibiscus tea is!

I took the covers off the Notebook Easel easily.  You just need  pry apart the wires enough to get them off.  Then while holding down the Vintage Screen Stencil, I added modeling paste spreading it with my spatula. I did not cover the entire stencil. 
After the modeling Paste had dried overnight I painted the covers using Limeade Splash, Lemon Drop, and Green Olive Paint

To make the flowers I put some drops of Watermelon Fusion Liquid Color on a block.  (Make sure you put the Liquid Color on the smooth side of the block, otherwise it will get into the grid lines.)   Taking the hibiscus flower stamp, I rubbed it into the Watermelon Fusion Liquid Color. 


I then turned the stamp over and added very tiny drops of Lavender Fusion Liquid Color at the center of the flower and the stamen.   I really didn't squeeze it at all.  

No color was added  along the pistal, it appears to have used (ooh, wait for lesson alert) capillary action to fill it in.   
I’m able to get three flowers out of the Liquid Color. 
For the leaves I took Lemon Drop and Limeade Splash Liquid Colors, mixed them together on a block, and then stamped the leaves.   
As a die-hard Packer fan, I'm really enjoying these colors.  BTW, the Packers beat the Titans last night, 17-31!
I die cut the flowers and leaves and attached them using Medium Foam Squares.  Pink World Sequins were added.  Of course I had to use Sparkle can never have too much of Sparkle Silk!

Here you can see more of the dimension you get when using Modeling Paste.
I tied a double bow using the Black Licorice Gingham Ribbon. Check out the FSJ YouTube video on How to Tie a Double Bow. 

Only Fun Stampers Journey products were used.  You can find all these supplies and others on my

BD-0395 ~ In the Tropics Bundle
ST-0137 ~ Notebook Easel   *
JM-0101 ~ Limeade Splash Paint *
JM-0103 ~ Lemon Drop Paint  *
JM-0021 ~ Green Olive Paint  *
IP-0042 ~ Watermelon Fusion Liquid Color
IP-0041 ~ Lavender Fusion Liquid Color
IP-0133 ~ Limeade Splash Liquid Color
IP-0132 ~ Lemon Drop Liquid Color
JM-0073 ~ Modeling Paste   *
JM-0002 ~ Vintage Screen Stencil  *
TO-0089 ~ -Spatula   *
TO-0102 ~ Square Paintbrush  *
AC-0112 ~ Pink World Sequins
AC-0096 ~ Black Licorice Gingham Ribbon
IP-0126 ~ Sparkle Silk 
AD-0085 ~ Medium Foam Squares

 * In the Prepped to Play Special ~ 20% off!

Any comment is truly appreciated!

Take care and have a great day,