Saturday, October 4, 2014

Sisterhood of Snarky Stampers Challenge #18- I is for Iconic

I is for Iconic!

Edna looks pretty snazzy and definitely iconic, doesn't she!  I think she fits the definition of the word perfectly!  "Someone or something widely recognized and well-established, very successful and admired, widely known and acknowledged especially for distinctive excellence, a widely known symbol."  I know Edna, especially Flat Edna, is admired, widely known, and acknowledged for her excellence in finding good wines and Wisconsin craft beer!  Check out Flat Edna's photos in this previous post (L is for Layer-One Layer), if you don't believe me.  

I worked on a number of cards with different iconic people...they ended up it pieces!  They just weren't meant to be.  As I thought about it I realized Katharine Hepburn is truly iconic.  I love all of her movies...she is spunky and as I realized, pretty snarky too!  When I saw the quote I knew I had to use it! 

I feel this photo of Katharine Hepburn fits the quote I used.  The free font is Smilage.  The specialty paper has shimmery silver flowers, but the photo doesn't do it justice.

I found this October 31, 2007 article, Diary reveals feisty side of Katharine Hepburn, in The Telegraph  This is the part I snarky!   

{On a 1950 tour of As You Like It Hepburn records in her journal how she was arrested for speeding by an Oklahoma policeman.
Taken to a local lawyer's office, she slammed the door in the officer's face as she announced: "I have been arrested by this moron."
Her anger grew as they tried to find a judge. "I said that I was sorry I did not have a week to take off and if I ever found an Oklahoma car in Connecticut, I would flatten all the tyres," she wrote.}

I can't believe she called the cop a moron!  My one pet peeve...these entries are from her journals and I'm pretty sure she spelled tires the American way, but the article spells it tyres.  How dare the British!  ;-)

Challenge #18 ends on Friday, October 17t at 11:55 pm EDT   Find your favorite Iconic person, place or thing and have some fun!  Then just enter your project at SoSS.    

You'll have a chance to win the auspicious title of Queen or Princess of Snark!    
You know you want to win it!  If you're our Queen, you can be our Guest Designer!
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  1. Ahhhhh Katherine Hepburn...all kinds of awesome! I love the picture you've used and that fantastic quote!!

  2. Katharine Hepburn, my favourite actress. (I could watch her and Cary Grant -- and Edward Everett Horton! -- in Holiday on an endless loop just about forever. This is a perfect quote and a perfect card for the challenge!

  3. Katherine Hepburn is one classy lady, fabulous card for the challenge.

  4. Yep, Katherine Hepburn is indeed an amazing icon, and so is your card! Love it!

  5. She was a heck of a lady - well, "lady," OUR kinda lady ;) I love the incredible sass and spunk - and that quote!

  6. This lady is how my daughter was named "Kate." Great choice for our icon!

  7. Katherine was one classy lady wasn't she? I love the super feminine photo with that snarky quote of hers! You've portrayed her perfectly in this iconic card!