Saturday, November 15, 2014

SOSS #21 P is for Profanity: Swear if You Dare

Hi, and welcome to the 21st Challenge of the Sisterhood of Snarky Stampers!  Well since we're all grown up at 21, maybe you'll hear a few swear words out of us during this challenge.

Did you notice Edna?  She's trying to be good...but it's pretty difficult for her to hold back so that's where the duct tape comes into play.

Stella likes duct tape too...especially when she wraps it around Gus!  Gus isn't too happy, in fact he's thinking WTF!  Since he can't talk, I decided to write it for him.  I don't think it's going to help, Stella's pretty set on keeping Gus wrapped up.  A digi stamp (from Bugaboo) about duct tape deserves to be placed on a roll of duct tape.  A great gift and card together!

Make sure you visit all the other sisters and check out if they dared to swear in our Challenge #21~P is for Profanity.  You have until Friday, November 28th to link up your artwork!  Do you dare to swear?

BTW, when you spill water on your keyboard, your computer doesn't work the same.  With all caps, no delete, no return, no letter P, and who knows what else I couldn't finish my post there.  Do you know the view in iPad doesn't let you scroll down all the way and add stuff past a certain point!  I did swear, a bit.  This morning, hopeful everything dried out I turned on my computer.  It's now in Safe Boot mode and wants my problem.....NOT!  The password is case sensitive...S. H. I. T.
A tad bit more profanity was used.  I won't bother sharing, I think you can guess what else was said!

Challenge #21 ends on Friday, November 29 at 11:55 pm EDT
We'd love to see what you create so link-up your project at SoSS.    

You'll have a chance to win the auspicious title of Queen or Princess of Snark!    
You know you want to win it!  If you're our Queen, you can be our Guest Designer!
Don't forget to visit the blogs of the all the talented Snarky Sisters and check out their awesome P is for Profanity...Swear if You Dare creations!!!

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  1. omg, sooooooooooo cute and funny and PERFECT for this challenge! (which was soooo much fun, thank you for inviting me to hang out this fortnight!) ♥

  2. Hee Hee I love that you put your card ON a roll of duct tape...fab!
    I feel your computer pain, the number three / hashtag key is missing on my laptop and the caps log button hasn't worked in don't realize how often you use those things until you can't LOL

  3. This is all kinds of brilliant, Karen! And seriously, what were you doing drinking water, anyway?

  4. OH so sorry to hear about your keyboard, but happy I heard about your new water machine~ congrats!! Love the card and the bright colors really make it pop and the saying is FUNNY! Have a good weekend Karen!

  5. OH NOOOO, Karen!! I've dropped a whole glass of water on my keyboard in the past and boy--did the swear words fly!! And duct tape won't fix that!! LOL!! Your card is Fab!! XOXO-Shari

  6. HAHAHAHA, I can just imagine the blue air!! This is too perfect - love the duct tape :)

  7. That's how I like my morning company: wrapped in duct tape before I have my coffee. It keeps my world together. Sorry about your keyboard. I understand trying to use the blogger site on the web with ipad or iphone. Download the app! I learned this the hard way.