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SoSS Challenge #31 ~ J is for Just Kidding (Make a Funny Card)

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Edna has this Mona Lisa thing going on.  Is she or isn't she smiling?  Well,  I don't think she is smiling or at least not enough.  We want to see a big smile on Edna.  Now, a wide smile while spitting out her coffee and peeing her pants...well that's what we'd really like to see!!!   Join us in the Sisterhood of Snarky Stampers Challenge #31 ~ J is for Just Kidding (Make a Funny Card).  Will you be able to add one of those smiles to Edna's face?  We hope you will, for if you can you could be our Queen of Snark and that is phenomenally spectacular!

I went a little retro with my card.  There are so many cool retro ads online.  I looked at those for the 50's or 60's refrigerators.  This one caught my eye.  The refrigerator was made in 1952 by International Harvester.  "1952  International Harvester, an agricultural machinery company, releases a line of fabric-covered refrigerators with patterns to match custom window curtains."  Curtains to match your refrigerator!  HA!  Can you imagine dirty fingerprints on a fabric-covered door?  I found this fun info in a article called "Defrosting the History of the Frig" 

The sentiment stamp is In the Freezer from Crackerbox Palace Rubber Stamp.  I just had to have it!  I rounded the top corners of the card to mimic the refrigerators of the fifties.

 I have to show you a picture of the type of refrigerator we had while I was growing up.  It was the best refrigerator ever!  You just wanted to play in it forever and ever!  We loved the three bottom shelves!  More fun than a Lazy Susan.  You didn't lose your food in the back of the refrigerator, which is why I wish I had one now!  Unlike the photo below, ours was never wanted to pay extra for the color...right, dad.  It finally gave up the ghost in dad was not happy.

1954  GE releases a revolving shelf similar to a lazy Susan. Condiment jars fly out of the fridge as bored kids repeatedly push the button that rotates the shelves. A few years later the shelves are modified to fan out like a deck of cards when the door is opened.

Although my brother, sister, and I were in high school, (my mom had the three of us in three years...we're each a year and a half apart) we still missed the revolving shelves.  :-(   I don't know how my mom did it.  It's probably because her oldest was such a wonderful, helpful, brilliant, quiet child who never bothered her...Yup, that was me.

We didn't keep food in the frig for very long.  My brother, we could call him Mark, liked to raid the refrigerator, and ate almost anything at all!  He had to eat everything cold because there weren't microwaves.  If Mark had tried to heat it up in a pan, not only would my mom smell it, he'd have to wash the pan too!  He found what to him looked like some leftover hash in a can.  Mark took a big bite and promptly realized it was dog food, but didn't spit it out.  Gross!  He complained to my mom, but she just said it served him right!

Well, I hope you enjoyed my little explanations of two refrigerators of the 1950's.

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  1. WOW matching curtains and fridges?? Now that would be awesome! I love the retro feel of your card and the rounded corners!! AWESOME...Your brother "Mark" sounds a LOT like my brother "Chad" we used to call him the human refrigerator!

  2. OMG! What fantastic sentiments! Love the retro fridge ad you found and used! I really like all the fun factoids about the fridges-I can see why the lazy susan shelves went by the wayside!

  3. I don't remember those fridges, must have only been in the USA, great job with the challenge and I'm sure the dogfood story would make Edna grin from ear to ear.

  4. The fabric covering of the refrigerator is a little ew, but I love how it looks on your perfectly snarky card! I missed the era of revolving shelf fridges, but was definitely there for the avocado green years. :(

  5. Pretty card Karen. Love the retro image. The print is amazing on the fridge. You had an interested fridge you had when you were growing up. Thank you for playing along with us at The Color Throwdown.

  6. LOL...this was such a fun post and I learned all kinds of things about retro fridges! So glad you joined us at Color Throwdown this week!

  7. A fabric covered fridge is right up there with fuzzy covered toilet lids for me (just to collect grossness)! I am very intrigued by the lazy susan fridge though. I think it needs to come back, with a restraining ledge of course. I love that sentiment!

  8. LOL! Love your retro design. Thanks for joining us at the Color Throwdown!

  9. Oh now I was expecting the classic dark and rich....this is SO MUCH BETTER! Coffee in the nose and all. I suppose if Edna snorts coffee that'll count too :) And the fridge - I want the lazy Susan one now. I'm always losing shit at the back of the fridge (and throwing out the containers...ew)

  10. Funniest card EVER!!!! And so perfect with the housewives in that fabby retro kitchen. Wow...never heard of the fabric-covered fridge. Oh, my.....just makes me cringe.
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

  11. Oh my goodness, it's bad enough that we had kitchen curtains like that in the 50's but I was fortunately to have lived through that period without ever seeing a fabric covered refrigerator to match! Argh!!! That sentiment is too funny and your lazy Susan refrigerator memories gave me a giggle as well. Thanks for sharing your snarkily hilarious card!!