Saturday, August 3, 2013

Drunken Stampers Designed Designers

Hi All!

Check this out:  Day 3 ~ Getting to know our new Drunken Stampers Designated Designers.

You'll get to know a little about me in this post.  I'm a member of The Tropical Hooters Team for Drunken Stampers!

My team, The Tropical Hooters, will design projects for the even numbered challenges starting on August 10th.

All of our challenges this time around are going to be based on either a person, place or thing…and you will always have options for the challenges.

Drunken Stampers Challenge #135 starts today, 
Aug. 3-Person: Athlete (Use any sport as your inspiration.)  Go to the Drunken Stampers Blog to play!  Have a blast and a beer on me!

I had to!  I had to play along with our Challenge #135-Person:Athlete since I had the perfect athlete...Clara!   She loves to jog, but she takes a break to have a Margarita!  The full description is in my post:  Margarita and Salt!


  1. that is so funny, both the image and sentiment. gave me a good giggle for today. Thanks for playing along with the Drunken stampers for the Athlete/sport challenge.

  2. hee hee hee hee LOVE IT!!! The image and sentiment are perfect for this challenge! Glad to have you on board for this term at Drunken Stampers!!

  3. Okay, I think you should have been on the team that did the athlete post instead of me... this card is PERFECT!

  4. Buahahahaha!!! This is too funny! LOVE IT!!

  5. Love it, I need to do a card with that sentiment for a friend..we both try to jog.